In January 2019 we decided to buy a house in Spain, and because of the beauty and relaxed atmosphere, but also proximity to shops and wide variety of restaurants, we decided to base ourselves in Benissa. After being wonderfully assisted by a very energetic and understanding estate agent to find the house we wanted, we knew that the next step is to go through the legal process.

It was with great trepidation and anxiety that we walked into the offices of Sun-Lawyers in Calpe, where we met with Joanna Graham. And great was our relief when we met someone who not only could explain the complete process to us in easy understandable non-legal language, but also offered to manage the whole process from start to finish. She inspired so much confidence that we trusted her enough to give her power of attorney, and from there onwards we didn’t have one sleepless moment. She looked after our interests as if it were her own up until final transfer and registration.

If we had known the process to find and buy a house in Spain was this easy, we would have done so many years ago. If I am ever asked, I wouldn’t think twice about not only recommending someone to buy a property in Spain but also to make use of Sun-Lawyers. Thank you for your great assistance, and should I ever need a lawyer in Spain, I know where I will go.