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Inheritance in Spain

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Inheritance matters are difficult to deal with in your own country and language, well imagine having to deal with it all in Spain, in a foreign language?
You don’t have to, SUN LAWYERS can deal with all inheritance matters for you.


The first step is to establish whether there a Spanish Will in place. If not, then UK probate will have to be obtained. Whether there is a Spanish Will in place or not, Spanish probate also needs to be applied for & the Death Certificate is required to be able to apply for this to Madrid.
Any document from UK, be it the Death Certificate or UK Probate, will need the Apostille stamp from the Foreign office and will need to be officially translated into Spanish for the authorities here.


The inheritor/s MUST have an NIE number (Foreigners Identification number) to be able to inherit assets here in Spain. SUN LAWYERS can apply for this on your behalf.


Whatever the assets to be inherited are: property, bank account/s, or vehicles, the inheritance is carried out at a notary office. Once the notary has all the necessary & correct documentation the notary will draw up the inheritance deed to include all these assets.


To work out the inheritance tax, we have to take into consideration the region where the assets are situated. In the Valencian Community there is a threshold of 100.000€ for spouses and children. This means that the first 100,000€ is tax free, there are also reductions for the remaining taxable amount. The tax forms and the payment must be submitted within 6 months of the date of death.


The last step is to register the new Deed of Inheritance at the Land Registry office. The Deed and the tax forms are presented to the Land Registry office where the property is situated and the new title to the property is inscribed.


Where bank accounts are concerned, you may find that the bank had frozen the account so, the bank will need to send the Inheritance Deed & tax forms to their legal department & once the documentation has been processed, the bank will then unblock the account.
However, you won’t need to worry about what steps need to be taken. Leave it to SUN LAWYERS to deal with the probate here in Spain for you.
We can take care of everything so you don’t have to!

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